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About us

Located in the research triangle park (RTP) of North Carolina (NC), we are one of R&D units for Genetron Health (Beijing) Co. Ltd, developing assays to support our clinical and research services in China. We are delighted to make some in-house assays available to research communities in the US.

Our platform

We focus on developing non-invasive and affordable assays and reagent for cancer genetic research and clinical research testing, primarily.

What we offer

We develop cost effective assays for cancer genetic and epigenetic research. We offer following reagents or research services:

Fast tissue genotyping

No repetitive centrifugations. Prepare PCR-ready extract from the tissue within 10 minutes in one single tube. This has been validated for mouse tail genotyping. Get your tail genotyping result within 45 mintutes! We can provide reagents or offer service.

Sample preservation and processing for genetic analysis

We have developed a unique preservation solution for long term sample storage without lysing cells. In combination with cost-effective and easy processing procedure, researchers can simultaneously study both genome and exosome DNA from one sample (cell culture medium or body fluids including saliva, CSF and urine).  

Exosome enrichment reagent

Exosomes have been shown playing important roles in physiological and pathological processes. We have developed affordable reagents from sample preservation to exosome enrichment to make exosome research easy. Cell medium and urine samples have been tested. Downstream DNA extraction procedure is also optimized for researchers to access. 

Whole-cell based assay

With instrument-free and streamlined procedure for single-cell based genetic studies, researchers can explore the genetic evolution in a heterogenous sample population. 

 Clinical sample preparation

We have modified standard DNA extraction procedure to maximize the yield of extremely precious clinical samples. 

Locus specific DNA methylation detection for epigenetic studies

Our qPCR based DNA methylation detection is a bisulfite-free measurement of DNA methylation, which allows high throughput screening. Assay is being validated in human tissue samples and result is highly consistent with bisulfite based pyrosequencing result. Assays for MGMT promoter region, EGFR promoter region and CD133 promoter region have been developed so far. New target region can be developed at your need.  

Other features of this assay:
> easy to use, time and cost saving
> probe based assay for increased specificity 
> high consistency with traditional bisulfite based pyrosequencing
> ideal for rapid screening of DNA methylation at any desired regions 
> including an internal non-methylated control for loading control. 


 Super-sensitive mutation detection assays for liquid biopsy studies

    • Fully validated hotspot mutation detection (0.01% sensitivity) with the ability to work with samples from plasma/urine/FFPE/frozen tissues. 


  • Our platform also provides unique capacity for the detection of multiple rare mutations in one single assay (multiplexing) for disease 
surveillance and monitoring. 

  • As animal models are still being widely used in the academic research community, mouse liquid biopsy can effectively monitor tumor growth and metastasis as well as treatment efficacy or disease relapse at individual animal level without extra work. 

Copy number variation (CNV) analysis at high resolution

 •    Sensitive detection of CNV for studying clonal evolution during tumorigenesis and other pathological processes. 


Sensitive Real Time PCR Assays for detection of clinical relevant cancer mutations.  

TERT promoter C228T

TERT promoter C250T


KRAS G12A/D/R and G13D

KRAS G12/C/V/S and G13C

EGFR G719A/C/S and S768I

EGFR 20INS and L861I



IDH2 R172K

IDH1 R132H/S/G/H/L and IDH2 K/G/M

 Genomic DNA standards

 Our DNA standards (genomic DNA with gene mutation, amplification, deletion and methylation) provide superior quality control for your genetic and epigenetic studies at a very competitive pricing for research users only. Contact us for our updated list. 

 We continuously develop innovative and cost-effective assays to meet challenging research goals. We look forward to working with your research team for your specific assay development need.  

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