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Who We Are

Gene defines who we are.

The Father of Evolution Charles Darwin and his Theory of Pangenesis laid the foundation for modern genetics and gave rise to the term ‘Pangene’.

Today, Pangene which means 泛生子 in Chinese epitomizes our brand and who we are. Genetron Health is 泛生子.

Genetron Health offers full-cycle cancer molecular diagnostics products and services from prevention to treatment. These include risk assessment, early screening, molecular pathology diagnosis, medication guidance and prognosis monitoring – specially catered to the needs of cancer patients, high-risk groups and the healthy population. We are also dedicated to cancer genomics research and provide comprehensive cancer-related cooperation solutions for researchers and medical institutions worldwide.

  • Vision

    Healing cancer through consistent exploration and innovation in cancer genomics.

  • Mission

    Defeat cancer, protect life.

  • Core Values

    Let our actions be responsible towards people's health and well-being.

Our Leadership Team
  • Weiwu He


  • Sizhen Wang

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Hai Yan

    Chief Scientific Officer

  • Kevin Hong

    Chief Operating Officer

  • Yuchen Jiao

    Chief Technology Officer

  • Evan Xu

    Chief Financial Officer

  • Victoria Lei

    Senior Vice President

  • Lin Teng

    Vice President

  • Cathy Zhang

    Vice President

  • Kathleen Guo

    Vice President

Our History
  • 2013
    Genetron Health founded
  • 2014
    Published two papers in the authoritative academic journal, Nature Genetics
  • 2015
    Formally established R&D center in North Carolina, USA
    Hangzhou Clinical Laboratory and Beijing Clinical Laboratory put into operation
    Published two papers in peer-reviewed journals of Cell Research and European Journal of Cancer
    Series A financing round
  • 2016
    Shanghai Clinical Laboratory put into operation
    Published two papers in the renowned academic journals - Cell Research and Journal of Pathology
    Series B financing round
  • 2017
    3 IVD products approved by CFDA
    Chongqing Clinical Laboratory put into operation
    NGS platform was accredited by CAP and certified by CLIA
    Published a paper in The American Journal of Human Genetics
  • 2018
    Published three papers in distinguished academic journals - Cancer Cell and Nature Communications
    Cancer prevention and screening service was launched
    Series C financing round
  • 2019
    Published academic paper on early-stage cancer detection in the prestigious PNAS
    Pharmaceutical partnership service was launched
    Developed all-round cooperation with Human Longevity Inc.
    GENETRON S5 approved by NMPA
    New financing round
  • THE
Core Strengths
  • Genetron Health
    R&D System

  • Genetron Health
    Quality Control System

  • Genetron Health
    Service System

Technological Achievements
  • Genetron One Step Amplicon Technology


  • Genetron CSF-ctDNA Diagnose


  • Genetron Hepatocellular Carcinoma Screen

  • Genetron Ultra-deep Digital Sequencing

  • Human IDH1/TERT Promoter
    Mutation Detection Kit

  • GENETRON S2000

  • Eight-Gene Mutations Detection Kit

  • To Be Continued

Corporate Social Responsibility

Genetron officially became the new charity partner of the Belt and Road Fraternity Fund

On the 71st World Red Cross Day on May 8, 2019,

the Red Cross’ Belt and Road seminar with the theme of “When you smile,

the world becomes beautiful” was held in Shanghai.

Genetron teams up with cancer advocate to support children with brain tumors

In October 2018, Genetron partnered “Sunflower Children”,

a children's cancer public welfare organization founded by Zhizhong Li,

to officially launch the “Free Detection of Molecular Classification of Children's Medulloblastoma” project.

Qualification & Certification
2019 "China Innovative Enterprise" Award by Financial Times
2019 "Top 100 Private Enterprises in Science and Technology Innovation" Award by Beijing Federation of Industry and Commerce
2019 "Top Biotechnology Company in 100 Best Science and Technology" Award by Chinese Entrepreneur
2019 Gold Award in Transform Awards
2019 Five services offered by Genetron Health are recognized by six government departments in Beijing
2019 "Science and Technology Innovation Enterprises" Award by Securities Times
2018 "Annual High-growth Enterprise" Awards in the seedling list of Securities Times
2018 Entrepreneurship Top 100 in Innovation and Growth
2018 vcbeat Top 100 in Future Medical
2018 iyiou China Health Industry Most Investment-worthy Enterprises
2017 Deloitte-China Rising Star Awards
2017 Shengjing Top 21 Global Innovation Awards
2017 Top 100 Dark-Horse Startups — China's Most Promising Startups
2017 Annual Top 100 Best Enterprises of Core Competitive Industries of China by CVC
2016 Venture 50 Awards of China
2016/2017 Top 100 Innovative Growing Enterprises of China by Cyzone
2016 Annual Top 10 Best Investment Cases in Biomedicine Industry of China in VC/PE Industry List by CVC
2016 Most Innovative Prize at the Second Innovation Awards by
2016/2017 Top 100 in Future Medical Care of China
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